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Luftner Cruises - Luxury River Cruises in Europe 2015 Season

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Danube Rhapsody Cruise

Come and discover Europe's most beautiful Waterways by travelling on Lueftner River Cruises.
Luftner River Cruises take you through peaceful landscapes, past picturesque towns and impressive sights, and right into the throbbing hearts of some of Europe,s great metropolises.


Danube Rhapsody Cruise

DANUBE RHAPSODY CRUISE - 8 day cruise from Passau to Passau

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Danube Rhapsody Cruise

BEAUTIFUL BLUE DANUBE CRUISE - 15 day cruise from Passau To Passau

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Danube Rhapsody Cruise

DANUBE & PRAGUE CRUISE - 8-day cruise Budapest-Bratislava-Vienna-Wachau-Nuremberg & 3-day land program Prague

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Danube Rhapsody Cruise

CLASSICAL DANUBE CRUISE - 8 day cruise from Budapest to Passau

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Danube Rhapsody Cruise
CLASSICAL DANUBE CRUISE - 8 day cruise from Passau to Budapest

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TULIP CRUISE - 8 day cruise from Amsterdam to Amsterdam

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Danube Rhapsody Cruise

ACROSS EUROPE CRUISE - 15 day cruise Amsterdam to Budapest / Budapest to Amsterdam

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Danube Rhapsody Cruise

CLASSICAL RHINE CRUISE - 8 Days cruise from Amsterdam to Basel

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Danube Rhapsody Cruise
CLASSICAL RHINE CRUISE - 8 Days cruise from Basel to Amsterdam

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Many questions arise before any journey begins, so please find below our "A-Z" of AMADEUS facts, which we have put together to answer the most important questions here and now.

Amadeus Audio System
On all our excursions you'llbe provided with Quietvox's easy to use wireless AMADEUS Audio System. The receiver can be worn quite comfortably round the neck or carried in a bag, and the comfortable headphones allow you to hear your experienced tour guide's explanations with the very best acoustic quality. In this way you can enjoy complete freedom of movement, but nonetheless miss out on none of the interesting commentaries. Our AMADEUS Audio System is, of course, also compatible with hearing aids.

Beverage policy
We include quality wines from Europe's best wine regions for your evening meal on board on all our catalog cruises. Coffee and tea are included after every meal, as well as a welcome cocktail at the beginning of your cruise and a 24-hour coffee and tea station. In the afternoon, we will treat you with extra coffee and a sweet selection of cakes and pastries the Panorama Bar. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are available at additional cost.

Bicycles on board
On almost all the cruises in the Luftner Cruises catalogue bicycles (including helmets) are available, free of charge, enabling you to explore places on dry land in your own way and at your own pace. You can take advantage of bike hire if your cruiser is one of the following: AMADEUS Royal, AMADEUS Elegant, AMADEUS Diamond, AMADEUS Brilliant and AMADEUS Silver.

Cabin gifts
We have just the right present for every special occasion in case you might wish to delight and surprise your loved one by having an exclusive gift delivered to your cabin. If so, please place your order for this cabin service at least two weeks before the cruise starts, detailing the cruise (departure date and vessel), your cabin number, and the booked name of the recipient either to your travel agency or by using our contact form. Here you can find the list of all the gift items available on our AMADEUS vessels.

Dietary needs
If you have special dietary requirements or suffer from a food allergy, please make your wishes known before setting off on your cruise and then apply to the restaurant manager on board. On request, our chefs will certainly provide special dishes suitable for people with conditions such as lactose or gluten intolerance. We have to reserve the right to turn down certain dietary requirements or additional costs may be associated with fulfilling dietary wishes. Please note that every meal has vegetarian options on the menu.

Dining & Cuisine
The culinary element of your river adventure begins in our bright Panorama restaurant with a generous breakfast buffet to which the staff will be pleased to add various freshly cooked egg dishes straight from the kitchen.

In the middle of the day you can choose between varied menus and buffet specialities in the Panorama-Restaurant or a light lunch alternative in the Panorama-Bar.

Your day on the water is crowned in the evening by what one might term a "culinary seduction"! Our carefully composed 5-course menu opens up for you a multitude of pleasurable moments involving regional specialities of the countries through which you travel, sophisticated menus, classic favourites and vegetarian alternative dishes.

If you would like to reserve a particular table in the Panorama restaurant, please apply to our restaurant manager/maitre d'hotel on the first day of the cruise and say where you would like to sit. We will do our best to meet with your wishes.

On board the AMADEUS Silver and AMADEUS Elegant you can have a "Highlight Dinner" as an alternative to dining in the Panorama-Restaurant a very special meal in the exclusive atmosphere of the Amadeus Salon can be reserved at Reception for a small surcharge.

Dress Code
We do not have a specific dress code aboard our AMADEUS fleet but we recommend that you dress smartly for dinner and for special occasions (semi-formal or smart casual). By day and for the shore excursions we recommend you wear light clothing and comfortable shoes and also take with you a pullover or jacket for cooler evenings. Please remember also to pack some form of headgear, sunglasses and a raincoat. Click here to read some further advice on what to pack for your trip.

Electricity & Adapter
Electricity on board all AMADEUS ships is 220 V, 50 Hertz. We suggest using a 2-pin adapter for 110V appliances. Please note that for safety reasons it is not permitted to use flat irons and similar equipment in the cabins.

Embarkation & Disembarkation
The travel documents you will receive from us gives the embarkation details including the exact mooring at the port of embarkation. Please note that vessels, despite having officially confirmed moorings, do sometimes have to be moved around at short notice. Embarkation on most of our cruises starts at 16:00, while disembarkation normally takes place by 09:30. Earlier disembarkation is possible provided the vessel is, by that time, already tied up at the disembarkation point. We draw attention to the fact that embarkation or disembarkation times may vary on particular cruise schedules (as described in the itinerary). Klick here to find out more about our most important arrival and docking station

Fitness room
Our AMADEUS vessels (except the MS AMADEUS and the AMADEUS Rhapsody) have a fitness room with a range of professional training devices. The fitness room is located on the Haydn deck and is open for you all round the clock.

Gift shop on board
All our shops on board offer items under the Amadeus brand name, souvenirs, postcards and stamps, accessories and some everyday products. Enquire about the shop's opening hours at Reception.

You can use the Email/Internet stations available on all the AMADEUS vessels and on most of them cordless Internet connection/WLAN is also available. Please be aware that the Internet connection on board may be weaker in particular areas during your trip and will not be up to the standard of a hotel Internet connection. Failures in these onboard systems may occur as national frontiers are frequently crossed during cruises.

Language on board
German and English are the 'official' languages on all cruises organised by Luftner Cruises. Our onboard cruise managers and almost all crewmembers speak both languages fluently. All lectures, announcements and other communications on board take place in both languages, as do all the excursions and shore programmes organised by Luftner Cruises.

The vessels AMADEUS Silver, AMADEUS Elegant and AMADEUS Brilliant feature a lift on all decks (except sun deck)

If you require any special medications, please make sure you have sufficient supplies before leaving home. The on-board chemist has supplies for emergencies. Should any such medicines be required, we must ask for your understanding that a small fee will be charged.

Ship Contact Number
So your family can reach you in case of emergency you can give away the telephone number of your river cruiser
. Here you can download a list of all the important emergency telephone numbers concerned.

Ship Excursions
On all our cruises we are pleased to be able to offer a varied shore programme of stimulating excursions. You can simply book all these in advance as a package (at a reduced rate) or choose particular ones, as it were, "a la carte". You may of course also book individual excursions when you are on board. Please note our general advice concerning excursions: Minimum participation for excursion by bus: 20 people Minimum participation for excursion by foot: 12 people The excursions offered are classified according to five difficulty levels intended to assist you to assess the approximate amount of walking involved. The difficulty levels vary from stretches where the walk is mostly flat of just short to longer walks involving uneven surfaces in places and ascending or descending several sets of steps or staircases. Please bear in mind to wear sturdy shoes as well as comfortable, waterproof clothing when attending the excursions. Click here for more information on our excursions.

Smoking Policy
For safety reasons smoking is not permitted in any indoor area of our AMADEUS ships. We kindly ask smokers to have consideration for nonsmokers. Smoking is only permitted on the sun deck of the vessel.


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