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2015 - 2016 Prices are in USD per Person
Vessel Departure Duration Twin Cabin
Pandaw II 12 March 2015 Upstream $4,902.75
Pandaw II 20 July 2015 Upstream $4,862.00
RV Orient Pandaw 02 August 2015 Upstream $4,290.00
Pandaw II 01 October 2015 Upstream $4,862.00
Pandaw II 25 October 2015 Upstream $4,862.00
Pandaw II 08 November 2015 Upstream $4,862.00
Pandaw II 22 December 2015 Upstream $4,862.00
Pandaw II 05 January 2016 Upstream $4,862.00
Pandaw II 10 February 2016 Upstream $4,862.00
Port Taxes - $85.00
Price shown are for Main Deck Twin Sharing

Rates, additional charges and conditions are subject to change, and to
currency fluctuation, without notice - Errors and Omissions Excepted

Ply from Yangoon to the delightful city of Prome on the edge of the Delta to Mandalay and Mingun. Daily stops include tours of the historic capitals of Pagan with its 3,000 monuments, and Mandalay with its royal palace and many sites around the city, particularly on the river. We will pass from the lush teak forests around Prome, through the near desert of Middle Burma before we reach the former King’s capital Mandalay. Optional stays in Rangoon the capital with transfers and flights are offered as an add on to the cruise..



  • Entrance fees
  • guide services (English language)
  • port dues
  • main meals
  • locally made soft and alcoholic beverages
  • jugged coffee and selection of teas and tisanes mineral
  • crew gratuities.


  • International flights
  • Port taxes (if any) will be applied to your invoice
  • VISA processing fees, if applicable
  • imported beverages such as wines
  • premium spirits and liqueurs
  • fancy soft drinks like Perrier
  • espressos and cappuccinos at bar
  • tips to tour guides, local guides, bus drivers, boat operators and cyclo drivers.


Day 1: Rangoon (Yangon)
Embarkation between 10.30am and 11.00am at Rangoon ( Yangon) BOTAHTAUNG Jetty . Please note that the ship will leave the pier at 11.00am to sail up the Rangoon River and enter the Twante Canal, which connects the Yangon River with the Irrawaddy Delta. We stop on route at the Twante Town and explore city center.

Day 2: Danupyu
We continue our exploration of Delta creeks and stop at Donabyu, another little known town with a busy port and bustling markets. In the First Anglo Burmese War of 1825 the Burmese General Maha-Bandoola was defeated here following a long and disastrous campaign by the British. Moor overnight at Henzada.

Day 3: Myanaung

Sailing all day and we stop to visit the markets and see old colonial buildings in the sleepy Delta town of Manaung. We enter the Irrawaddy River.

Day 4: Prome (Pyay)
We reach Prome by the afternoon and travel by coach to the 5th-8th century archaeological site of Thiri-ya-kittiya, the former centre of the Pyu civilization with a fascinating museum of early Buddhist artifacts and sculptures.

Day 5: Thayetmyo
This pleasant colonial town once guarded the border between Royal Myanmar and British Myanmar following the 2nd Anglo Myanmar War of 1855. Many of the buildings including the covered market date from this period. Thayet also boasts the oldest golf course in Myanmar (1885). We visit the market, see the colonial houses and ride out by horse cart to the golf course, passing through the former British botanical garden.

Day 6: Magwe
Minhla - We visit the two Italian built forts constructed to keep the British at bay from Royal Myanmar. The fight for the Minhla redoubt was the only serious action in the war and the death of a young subaltern inspired Kipling to write a poem.We ride Trishaws to reach the magnificent Magwe Myat-thalon Pagoda, constructed with solid gold bricks. Of interest are the many nat shrines and hermitages within the temple precincts.

Day 7: Sale
Here we visit the Yout-saun-kyaung monastery with its spectacular wood carvings; we also explore an area of splendid colonial-style houses and continue sailing upstream.

Day 8: Pagan
In the morning, moor at the Tan-Chi-Taung mountain and ascend by WWII jeep. Afternoon, we tour a selection of the 3,000 listed monuments at this World Heritage Site, Pagan.

Day 9: Pagan
Further exploration by coach of the monuments follow by a lacquerware workshop and visit to the local markets. Sail in the noon to upstream. Evening walk at Oh Ne Kyaung village to see the local life in this typical river side community.

Day 10: Yandabo
This small rural village is specialized in pot making. We visit the Pandaw School, built with past donations from Pandaw passengers

Day 11: Mandalay
Passenger will take a tour of central Mandalay visiting the Mahamuni Pagoda and Shwe Nan Daw Kyaung teak carved monastery. Next we explore the ancient capital of Amarapura by coach and sampan and crossing the U Bein Bridge to see paintings in a temple.

Day 12: Kyauk-Myoung
Sail upstream and visit the spectacular potteries near Kyauk-myoung where the famous 50 gallon water pots are handmade. We see all stages of manufacture from the throwing of the pots to the week-long firing in huge kilns.

Day 13: Cruising
We enter the Third Defile at its end point and sail upstream all day until Ma Le village, the starting point of the 3rd Defile of the Irrawaddy. We visit the village and cruise downstream again.

Day 14: Mingun
We stop at Mingun to see the largest working bell in the world and the unfinished pagoda which is the largest single mass of brick building in the world. We also visit the Mingun Old Peoples Home originally established with the assistance of the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company in the 1930s. And afternoon visit Sgaing, the true delight of Sagaing lies in its 1.000 hermitages and sanctuaries, rich in woodcarving and religious art.

Day 15: Mandalay
Disembark at Mandalay Shwe Kyet Yet Jetty in mid morning. (Disembark the ship between 8.00 am - 9.00 am at Shwe Kyet Yet Jetty, Mandalay.)

River Conditions Warning!
The rivers you will sail on are subject to seasonal rises and falls of water level, in some places as much as 30 metres. Water levels can change dramatically overnight and a sudden rise can impede our progress upstream considerably and even prevent us from passing under certain bridges. A sudden fall can result in our being unable to get into certain places or go as far upstream as we would hope. Groundings on sandbars are not infrequent and are part of the excitement of any Pandaw expedition. Published itineraries are indicational only and subject to sudden change. In such events alternative itineraries will be provided and we do our best to ensure that if a stop is missed we make up for it with another stop. Passengers are thus forewarned and expected to be flexible and patient. River cruising in Asia can be a dramatic and adventurous experience - not like cruising the controlled waterways of Europe or America. Note also that we operate in areas with little or no developed infrastructure and subject to the strictures of local officialdom. Be prepared for this and it is all more the fun!



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